Power Rangers Icon Challenge

"May the Power protect you."

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The Contest
1. The moderators sekitou and sugarsicons will post challenges every Sunday night. Challenges will consist of screencaps, bases, lyrics, or a specific theme. You may edit the bases/caps however you'd like (cropping, adding brushes, color, etc.).
2. You may enter up to 2 icons each week unless stated otherwise.
3. If multiple screencaps or bases are supplied for the challenge, no blending between or among the caps and bases are allowed.
4. You will have from Sunday, when the challenges are posted, until the following Friday night (11:59 PM EST) to post your entries.

1. Icons must be within LJ's restrictions - Under 40k and 100x100 or smaller.
2. If multiple screencaps or bases are supplied for the challenge, no blending between or among the caps and bases are allowed.
3. Use each base/cap only once. Do not make two icons using the same screencap or base.
4. All entries must be PG-13 and below. If it is found to be inappropriate by the moderators, it will not be entered into the contest.
5. Do not submit icons that you have posted or used in the past.
6. Submissions must remain anonymous. This means that you can neither post your icon nor use your icon until voting is over
7. Caps used for icons can only come from "Power Ranger" episodes, movies, or promotional shots for the show. The caps cannot be of the actors as either themselves or from other shows. This is in keeping with the spirit that this is a "Power Rangers" icontest, not just a contest for the actors who portray them.
8. Any entries not following the above rules will be disqualified.

1. If the theme is to use a specific screencap (or screencaps) for the icon, only that screencap is to be used. No outside images are to be used on your icon. (This goes for supplied bases as well.)
2. If the theme is to use a certain lyric (or lyrics), use only that lyric (or lyrics) for the text of the icon. Any cap from the show you would like to use will be fine, but no text other than that provided is to be used.

1. You must use your own image hosting service (such as photobucket).
2. Entries are to be submitted as comments to the challenge post.
3. When submitting, please post both the icon and the URL of the icon. Submissions should look like this:


1. Voting will take place Saturday through Sunday night (voting closed @ 9pm EST).
2. Voting will be done through screened comments. Vote in order, meaning vote for your first place icon first, second place icon second, and third place icon third.
3. Votes will be weighted: 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 1 point.
4. Comments will be screened until voting has closed. When voting is closed, comments will be unscreened.
5. Do not vote for yourself. If you do, you will be automatically disqualified.
6. Do not tell others to vote for your icon.

1. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as Mod’s Choice.
2. If you do not want a banner, please say so in your entry comment.

Sunday – new challenge posted
Friday – submissions due by 11:59 PM EST
Saturday through Sunday – voting

NOTE: Posting access is not needed in order to participate in this community. Posting access is for moderators only.